Food Editore is not only a publishing house. It is a FoodLab, a laboratory of taste, the place where, continuously, new matters come to life through contemporary style photos, video recipes and tutorials, stories, and recipes. All of this is done, following the most innovative principles of content marketing and the multi-channel approach, from web to print and vice versa. We are your experts in the production of 360° kitchen contents with dozens of new projects every year.

With us you will always secure the most suitable content for your project.

Consistently Customized Content.

Through the looking glass: haute cuisine inspired by haute couture. We design the most diverse content, tailored to the customer. Whether it is a traditional recipe, a house organ, a website, or a video recipe (or a multi-channel project combining them all), we have the proper solution.




For us, it is the people that count.

Graphic designers, copy editors, journalists, tradesmen. The Food Editore team is young and experienced at the same time. Our team of professionals has worked for years with passion and competence in the wine and food field. We unerringly succeed in proposing the most appropriate product for every purpose.

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